CEO of Walmart Clueless

Doug McMillon, current CEO of Walmart has criticized President Trump for “missing a critical opportunity to help bring our country together.”  He sent a memo out to his employees stating the same.

What?  Did he not hear or read the president’s TWO speeches?  What part of them does he not understand?

Here’s what I think:  McMillon is liberal, in spite of his being uniquely the head of the biggest retail chain in America, for which I am sure he makes a lot of money.  Obviously he isn’t against capitalism (or what he calls capitalism).

How much of a hypocrite can he be?

While Walmart sells goods from China (mostly) and many other countries around the world, McMillon wants to talk about bringing our country together.

While Walmart and Sam’s Club strong-arm vendors and manufacturers into making and selling exclusively for Walmart or Sam’s Club, he wants to talk about bringing the country together.

A company who has a lousy reputation of being fair and equitable to employees, Walmart (and their CEO) should shut up and clean their own house before pointing out flaws of any heads of state.  They don’t know anything about, nor do they care about, bringing this country together.

This is a really good reason to start shopping anywhere but Walmart and Sam’s Club.  Dollar General is a good choice.  They carry brand names as well as the junk that Walmart sells, and the prices are competitive.  Walgreens is a good pharmacy.  Your local grocery store carries everything that Walmart foods carries.

Sam Walton is doing flip flops in his grave.

It’s pretty clear the Walmart corporation has drifted completely away from what Sam had envisioned for his stores.

That vision did not include poor pay, no benefits, nor criticizing the President of the United States.