Lawful Civility Lacking

Todd Starnes reported on that a 10 Commandments monument was rammed and destroyed less than 24 hours after it was set up.  It was on the capital grounds at Little Rock, Arkansas, and was the result of the Arkansas 10 Commandments Act which required the monument be placed on the capital grounds.

Of all the jokes that are made about Arkansas, it appears to me the Arkansas State Congress has it together, at least most of them do.  To enact a law that requires the basis of our law — the 10 Commandments — to be placed on STATE grounds reaffirms the truth that belief in God — not religion — is vital to our well-being.  It flies in the face of the so-called “separation of church and state” rhetoric that is a misguided effort to remove God from any and all legislative bodies, public schools, even the workplaces of America.

Apparently the man who destroyed this monument, Michael Tate Reed, drove to Oklahoma in 2014 to committ a similar crime.

According to Starnes, Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert had this to say:

“This was an act of violence against the people of Arkansas.  The first thought that came to me – who else in the world destroys monuments – is it the same hatred that ISIS uses in the communities that they go into.  When people are so disturbed and they carry out acts of evil – it all comes from the same place – it’s the root of evil,” he said. “You have people taking sticks and bats on college campuses and covering their faces just like Hamas does in the Middle East. ”

“People need to focus on being civil and debating issues rather than thinking they can take the law into their own hands and commit acts of violence against people with whom they disagree,” the senator said. “Our country is better than what we are seeing. We have to settle down and find out who we are as a people.”

Well said, Senator Rapert.

I would add that we need to remember who we have been in the past, what made us great as a nation, and work to regain the attitudes and respect we had for each other.

We need to return to the concepts and principles of the Founding Fathers as they wrote the Constitution, depending on God to guide them and inspire them to do the right thing.

One thing every one — from the president to the protestor — should remember is we are all in this together.

United we stand, divided we fall.