Deportation: When is it Wrong?

Reports coming out of Sterling Heights, Michigan tell of a round up of one hundred to two hundred Iraqi immigrants, many of them Christians, who are in the U.S. legally. Some of them have been in America for 40 years! Some of them don’t even speak Arabic, yet they are going to be deported and dumped off at Baghdad airport.

Nahren Anweya’s family immigrated to the U.S. in 1989, became citizens, and now Nahren works to assist Chaldean and Assyrian Christians to become U.S. Citizens. She said “We’re literally deporting them into a lake of fire.”

The common thing in Iraq now is the kidnapping of Christians and demanding ransoms for their safe return. If the ransom is not paid in 30 to 50 days, they are likely to be murdered, usually by beheading. And they don’t even have to be Christian; being connected in any way to the United States makes them targets.

It’s bad enough that the state department for the last 8 years has been dumping non-English-speaking “refugees” all across America, but now it seems they’ve had a change of heart and decided to deport immigrants. Some of them committed crimes when they were young, none of them serious like murder or rape. One man was involved in a bar fight as a young man when other men harassed his girlfriend. He was charged with assault because he swung first. It is true that since he never applied for citizenship, he can be deported.

But why did it take 30 years for ICE to make the decision to deport him?

Many of these people have no more family ties in Iraq, they’ve either all fled the country or been murdered. Many of the villages to which they must return (if they can) have been destroyed and are vacant. Now the wisdom of someone in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement has decided to ship them back to Iraq no matter what happens to them. Many of the immigrants blame President Obama’s policies, and say Trump’s not doing enough to make the right policy changes.

The Chaldean Nation, a group that represents the Chaldean immigrants, posted on Facebook: “… the persecuted Iraqi Christians are now facing heartless federal authorities that are forcing them to go back to Iraq to destroyed Chaldean towns and villages. Obama allowed Islamic cowards to destroy Iraq and Trump is finishing the job. Heartless politicians that have no sense of reality.”

It seems to me this is another example of a federal department, under the influence of Obama insiders, making President Trump’s policies and promises null and void. It’s one thing to strictly enforce the law, and not always a bad thing, but to ignore the intent and spirit of the law is another thing entirely.

According to ICE spokesman Khaalid Walls the raids were instructed after a deal was made between Trump and the Iraqi government. The deal was Iraq would take back “foreign nationals” if Trump would remove Iraq from the travel ban list. Walls said all of those rounded up were guilty of crimes ranging from murder and rape to kidnapping and drug trafficking. Advocates in Michigan say that’s simply not true.

Anweya said she does not believe this order came directly from Trump. But when ICE showed up, every one of them suddenly had a criminal record, but no one was told what that crime was. They jerked them out of their homes and public restaurants and incarcerated them.

It makes no sense to deport law-abiding immigrants.  These are the ones we want to stay, these are the ones who in the past have been proud to become Americans and want to live free.  They want to become united with the American way of life.

The immigrants who fail to apply for citizenship are open to investigation for that, but contrived crimes by the ICE is just plain wrong.