The Star Trek Myth

Welcome to the 23rd century, where “warp drive” has made space travel not only possible but really, really fast! The entire planet Earth is under control of one “government” and no one has to worry about a job because everyone has one. They all work together not for pay– they have “evolved” beyond the pursuit of “things”– but they use their skills and talents to further the human condition and the ability to “explore strange new worlds” as their government instructs them.

Baloney. It’s nothing but Communism on a planetary scale. It would require the provision of a basic income to every human on Earth, and make the government the sole entity that can buy products from corporations, which are then dispensed to the population in a world-wide welfare program. The logistics necessary are astounding, and frankly impossible on a world-wide scale, even with a one-world-government. The fact is, someone is going to be left without the means to live, either inadvertently or, more likely, on purpose to control the populous behavior and growth.

Sometime in the 20th century Communism really became Globalism. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx was seen and accepted as the ultimate Utopian vision in the 19th century, and a lot of dictators are still trying to reach that perfect state (pun intended). The problem is, a human-centered global society isn’t possible for one main reason: The humans at the center of the society!

All of the Star Trek genres still have all the facets of human life and history manifested in everything from war, murder, slavery, theft, and even good old fashioned bar-room fights, all of which result from the human characteristics of people. These traits are deeply seated; love, anger, envy, fear, compassion, etc., all serve in one way or another to make us unique as human beings.

The trouble with Communism is that sooner or later it denies humanity and the individuals that make up humanity. It has throughout history been a government of the elite controlling the poor by convincing them the rich are evil and they are the cause of all problems the poor face.

The lower class of people can be incited to violence, and Communist leaders can step in and overthrow the political system, take control of the economic system, and become the “saviour” of the lower class by promising to “redistribute the wealth” and declare everything “belongs to the people.” For a while it gives the people a sense of power, even ownership, but it doesn’t last. Soon they find there is no wealth being distributed, they cannot own anything, and instead they are left with hopelessness. Suddenly the riots that were encouraged and used to enforce the insertion of a Communist government are quenched with deadly force, and it doesn’t matter how many people die.

So far in Western culture where free trade and capitalism exist, there is a bigger middle class of people. It’s far harder to incite violence in a group of people who are educated, industrious, religious, and hard working. So the Marxists had to change their modus operandi.

Instead of flatly murdering or exiling celebrities, the rich, and intellectuals, they are now courted and recruited with promises of being in the elite ruling class in return for their influence. When a famous athlete or actor stands up and speaks about things other than sports or acting, regardless of their experience or expertise, the fans tend to listen, and not only do they listen, they emulate them and their ideas.

The Brits have the right idea: Stand up to the Globalists, and stay independent in the World.   America should do the same thing, and retain our sovereignty.