Berkeley Is OUT of Control

There are a lot of videos coming out of  Berkeley University in California showing the ongoing conflict between Trump supporters and the anti-Trump snowflakes.  But the snowflakes are not acting like snowflakes, instead they are acting like thugs and hoodlums, defying the law, rioting, and causing general unrest and attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

On the other side of the street stands the Trump supporters.  We might think if they didn’t show up, there would be no conflict.  That might be true, except when there is a truly peaceful gathering of Trump supporters who want to meet and not fight, the other side, now called Antifa  (an-tee-fa) (shortened from the German word antifashismus)
does show up and wants to fight.

It’s interesting they use the name Antifa, meaning they are against “facism.”  So apparently they believe that President Trump and all who support him are facists, and facists are the scum of the earth.

But in Berkeley, it apparently means more:  Students there are being led to believe that the president and his administration are going to be the end of America as we know it.  The trouble is, they have a very distorted view of America, the values it was founded on, and the meaning of Freedom with Responsibility.

A troubling trend coming out of this is the City Police are being told to stand down and hold back.  Depending on the report you read, it might be because they have been ordered to do so at the college administration’s request.  Another report said the police were furious when they learned of the severity of the injuries to people and the damage done to property, which by all accounts is far less than physical injuries on both sides.

One video (more than one, actually) shows a young man (Shawn) who was doing his best to stand between sides and keep as much peace as possible, when a man from the Antifa side threw a bicycle lock (called a “U-bolt”) and struck Shawn in the head causing a severe cut.  Lucky for Shawn, there were people there who knew what to do, got him back away from the fracas, applied first aid, and got him on an ambulance.  Shawn was lucky; he could have been killed.

The man who threw the lock, though fleeing immediately after the attack, was later  identified and charged.

He was a professor from a neighboring college.

Why Berkeley administration allows this to continue is the million-dollar question.   We would like to think that in the settings of higher education political correctness would not supercede reason, and individual rights would not preclude common sense, and nothing would become more important than teaching students and giving them a real education.

But apparently that isn’t so, at least, not in Berkeley.