Higher Education?

State universities are no longer institutes of higher education.  They have become breeding grounds for political activists and organizers who believe Capitalism is a bad word and Freedom relates to only what they want to do, regardless what the law says and regardless that the Majority has different ideas and beliefs.  The epitome of self-indulgence, self-aggrandizement, and mostly self-delusion is found on every state campus nation-wide with organizations like ROAR (Radical Organizing Activist Resource) at the University of Oregon.  The ROAR center receives money yearly from the university student fees to support their activities.  ROAR fights against “exploitation of capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, and all forms of greed and domination.”

Capitalism:  The Lifeblood of Freedom.  Colonialism:   An antiquated term for the 21st century.  Imperialism:  Straight out of the sixties, the “imperialist establishment” who are guilty of “greed”.  Domination:  A word most Millennials and college students really know nothing about, unless they are from a third world country, or from China.

In China, the people know all about government domination.  The government tells people where they are to live, and whether or not they can move to another province.  Government permission is required to travel from one province to another.  Every one lives and works in their province at the job the government assigns to them, at the salary the government decides to pay.

Couples are allowed only one child, no exceptions.  The government tells the parents if and where that child can go to school, and the school authorities determine where the child will continue their education.  Before a couple can marry, they have to have permission from their supervisor and wait for the government to approve their marriage license.  If they want to have a baby they must apply for permission from their place of work and from the government.

Any unexpected pregnancy results in forced abortion, even if it’s a first child.  Pregnancy tests are administered regularly at places of work to catch unwanted, unexpected, or “illegal” pregnancies.  If a woman of child-bearing age applies for travel permission to another province, the first requirement is a pregnancy test to be sure she is not traveling somewhere to secretly give birth.  She must pay for it, and it can cost a months salary.

House-churches are illegal.  Any teaching of a Being in higher authority than the government is remedied by immediate imprisonment of the leader or pastor, and the wife often placed in house arrest.  She will be allowed to leave her house only to go to the market for food.

Things are pretty good in America, despite Capitalism and the “imperialistic establishment”.  You can still drive from one end of the country to the other and not get stopped every time you cross a state line and have your identification papers checked.  You still have Freedom to live in, to work in, and yes to do what you want to do—to a point.

Whether you call it diversity, tolerance, or inclusivity, it seems they leave out a very important aspect:  Responsibility.  When a university condones groups that are obviously in direct contrast to core American Values and Beliefs, where is the responsibility?  Making students feel welcome is one thing, giving in to their every demand is another.  I contend that a student in any university should be given an education that will lead them to a vocation.  After graduation, they can do what they want with their life, organize activists and protesters to their hearts content.

But here’s the rub:  The professors and administrators of these universities are the product of their college and university experiences, and that forms a large part of guiding their ideas and decisions.  The rest, frankly, is political correctness.  Failure to stand their ground in the face of pressure from activist groups.

Living in a Free country doesn’t mean you are free to do anything you want:  It means you have the opportunity to be a part of what makes a country Free by being a responsible citizen in working with everyone else to maintain that freedom.  Freedom without Responsibility will not last.