The Melting Pot

The Covington and Burling law firm, of which former Unites States Attorney General Eric Holder is a partner, has been hired by the state of California to “advise them on legal strategies” to oppose President Trump.  The man who announced they hired the firm is Kevin De Leon, the president pro tempore of the California Senate.

Senator De Leon said the law firm will advise the state to best resist any “attempts to roll back the progress California has made” apparently speaking of being a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.  De Leon, a Democrat, recently admitted many members of his own family are in America illegally, and most likely “would be eligible for deportation.”

One Republican congressman in Sacramento said the contract is a short term contract, running  through April, but it’s still coming out of the taxpayers pocket.  Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch said the arrangement is “corny corruption, pure and simple.”  Covington and Burling are being paid $25,000 a month for 40 hours of work per month.

But it doesn’t stop just at the sanctuary states and cities, the tax money begins to come in from the federal coffers as well in the form of all kinds of benefits and support, many of which are denied deserving American citizens.  How often have we heard the threat that Social Security is “going broke” if we don’t do this or that.  But the “this or that” never includes completely relegating Social Security benefits to American Citizens only.  What is wrong with that idea?

The people who came to this country in years past were immigrants who wanted to work, who had ideas and dreams that could only be fulfilled in America.  They came because they wanted to become Americans.  They wanted to be a part of the greatest country on earth, and indeed, they wanted to make a contribution to the betterment of their new home.

They came because as Americans they were allowed to practice Capitalism, exercise their religion, and raise their families in Freedom.  They came because they could travel from one end of this country to the other without ever having to show “papers”.  They came because they recognized and understood the opportunity, and they were willing and wanted to become a citizen of this country, not just for the benefits, but to support the continuing architecture of Freedom into which they were moving.  They came because there was no place like America on Earth.

There was no pretense of taking over this country and changing it to be the country they left; that was not in their thinking.  Yes, they brought some of their culture, but they did not regret integrating their culture with the American Culture, not to replace either one, but to make them both better.

People used to call America The Melting Pot.  Not the “mixing pot” where things are mixed together in the same place, but retain the same properties.  The melting pot, where things are mixed together and become combined into a solution with many properties, many ingredients, many capabilities, but all focused on coming together, not being separate.

So it should be with Americans.  All Americans.