Truth Sooner or Later Comes Out

“A report published by the New York Post asserts that the undercover tape recorded by former Access Hollywood Host Billy Bush – who was subsequently fired for using a hot-mic – was intentionally leaked by Today show staff.”  (From

The report goes on to say at first the “leakers” wanted to protect Billy Bush, but Matt Lauer didn’t like him, so the push was made to leak it and take care of two “problems” with one shot:  Derail Trump’s presidential bid, and get Billy Bush fired.

It’s a glaring example how the big name broadcasting companies have people at the top who don’t bat an eye at the destruction of a person’s reputation, job, livlihood, and even physical death (not that has happened — yet).

I don’t have an answer for a very big problem in America today:  A liberal media that fails to report the truth, either by accident, stupidity, or design, while at the same time doesn’t seem to care.  Many times it is obvious they push half-truths in an attempt to keep themselves credible.  The more social media expands, we’re discovering they also use it to propagate irresponsible reporting.  You can usually bet when they say “an unnamed source told us” or “a senior official told us on the condition of anonymity” that there is no source, it just makes the report sound more official– even though it’s not factual.

It has given the Trump Administation reason to start curtailing the number of reporters who are allowed into the White House press conferences.  Friday Sean Spicer allowed a handful of reporters into his office, and denied several others access.  While several news organizations – including The New York Times, CNN, The Hill and Politico – were barred from attending, Spicer allowed several conservative news outlets into the session, along with some major non-conservative networks like ABC and NBC.

Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) said “there is no democracy without freedom of the press.”  I wonder how long democracy can survive the press insisting they know all about national security secrets?  The press screams about their rights and freedoms and the “right of the American people” to know, but they deny the fact they believe in the “scoop” first and freedom second, especially if someone’s freedom gets in their way.

Freedom without responsibility is not freedom, it’s chaos.