State of the Government

The government unfortunately has its fingers in just about everything we do in every facet of our lives.  Farmers, teachers, manufacturers, contractors, builders, etc., are inundated with forms and regulations.  Many times these forms are of such detail that one simple mistake or omission that really doesn’t change anything is used to delay or deny acceptance.

But the government has become so big, so spread out, so invasive, that one department will have multiple offices across the country.  Supposedly this is to provide “convenience” to the public; sadly that is not always the case.

Submitting paperwork to one of these offices inevitably results in a “review” by another office or person who audits said paperwork, and in finding one of these simple mistakes, puts a hold on the form(s) and immediately sends a letter to the applicant or submitter and requests yet another form to be filled out for their office.

Even though the requested information was already given and checked, the overseeing office fails to contact the local office and simply request THEIR copy of the application.  In fact, the overseeing office apparently fails to contact the local office at all.  As a result, the local office, having received all necessary forms, even the one with a minor mistake, goes ahead and issues an acceptance letter to the applicant.

It’s typical government-office, red-tape, bureaucracy-driven procedure that stifles efficacy and efficiency in itself and everything it touches.

Years ago, when a person had a government job, they didn’t make a lot of money, but they had a great, even exceptional, benefit package.  People who worked for the government years ago were smart, intelligent, educated and conscientious about their job.   Apparently that no longer holds true.

When you get a letter from the government that has grammatical errors and misspelled words, it gives you reason to doubt even the validity of the letter, let alone the people or persons who are responsible for such things.

These things should be a red flag to everyone.  Government workers are no longer “cream of the crop” like they were in days gone by.  The  mass of regulations created by the government has been one of its own downfalls, creating needless government jobs and filling them with people who are less than qualified or not qualified at all.  Getting a government job used to be something a lot of people dreamed of and wished for, but they knew you had to be good at what you did and have an education to get it.

Ronald Reagan said a lot of people think that big government is the solution to a lot of problems, but that is wrong; big government is the problem.  He recognized that the American people were becoming far to dependent on the government.  The American work ethic, the “get ‘er done” attitude that built this country has died at the hands of our own government.  And it’s our fault!  The American People have allowed those who do not have the good of the people at heart to negate the moral values and virtuous core of our Founding Fathers and even of the generation before us.

Just as there doesn’t need to be more taxes, there doesn’t need to be any more growth in the government that creates cumbersome rules and regulations that increase fees and license costs to justify new positions created in the government.  We must break the bondage of welfare and dependency the American people have on the government that has been created by our government.